Volleyball Rules

Volleyball Rules

As you know, volleyball, a sport that is as popular as basketball, is a game with very complex rules. In this article, we will explain some volleyball rules to you. These rules are;

-The circumference of the volleyball must be 65 cm and its weight must be 260-280 g.
- Volleyball, which can be played in indoor and outdoor areas, is separated by a 9x18 field and a transverse line, and the teams and these areas that will change in each set are determined.
-During the game, players cannot cross the opponent's area, that is, to the other side of this line.
-There is a net just above the middle line. In addition to having to be stretched, this net has to be 243 cm high for men and 224 cm for women.
-Height is adjustable for normal competitions as well as for juniors or those who need to play with a lower net
-The back of the right third of the back lines of the two half-areas is called the serving section and the players serve from this section.
-The service to be used is used either inside this area or beyond this area.
-The height of the closed area must be at least 7.8 meters.
-Each team must take the field with 6 players.
-Three of the players are in the foreground close to the net, and the other three are on the far side of the net with the task of defense.
-The game starts with the serving team using the service.
-The service to be used can be used with the palm, fist or arm.
-The opposing team has to send the incoming ball to the opposite court with a maximum of three hits.
- While the ball is in play, players must not hold the ball or touch the ball twice.
-The ball must not touch the ground and the players must not touch the ball with the lower part of the hips.
-The game is played over a maximum of 5 sets. The first team to reach 25 points wins the sets.
- When a team wins 3 sets, the game is over.

How to Compare Rates?

The basic logic of the odds comparison is to find the odds on different betting sites and play your prediction on the highest odds. It would be meaningless to use a normal, legal claim for this, because the lowest rates in the claim rate market are those published by the claim company located within the borders of Turkey. The system in which it is most difficult to earn money is this Turkey legal claim. Because there is a limit of 3 matches. However, starting the odds comparison business will offer you the highest odds. Although there are many foreign national sites prepared for this purpose, there are also many Turkish sites. If something has not come to your mind with this explanation, let's reinforce what I have said with an example. First, let's make up a match;
Fenerbahçe – Beşiktaş, the odds of this match are 1.80 – 3.10 – 3.10 in the legal claim.
If you enter a betting comparison site, it is normal to see a table like the one below.
Match Fenerbahce – Besiktas
Betboo 2.10 – 4.60 – 3.00
Pt.00 – p.80 – 4.00
Superbahis 3.00 – 2.50 – 2.80

Different rates such as

may differ as they are the rates determined by the analysts of the betting site. Now, if you have understood what I want to say, let's move on to calculating earnings. However, surprising numbers will emerge.
For example, we deposited 1000 TL to Fenerbahçe winner from legal claim. We also deposited 1000 TL from the highest rate betting site. As a result of the match, Fenerbahçe became the winner of the match. If we had played legally, we would have won 1800 TL, and if we had played the same match on the same prediction site, the return would have been 3000 TL, with 1200 TL more. That's why odds comparison is the key to accessing higher wins if you're going to play a spade in the bet. Moreover, many sites offer this service to you. Look at the odds, multiply your winnings.

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